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FITKIRI (Ferric Ammonium) is used in industries like Pulp and Paper, Water & Water Treatment and Dyeing & Purification to name a few.also offering as per client specification.

Nontoxic material commonly used in water treatment plants to clarify drinking water. It has lot of properties and can be used as a water purifying agent, In lakes, ponds, swimming pools or waterpark alum is used to control algae. It can be used as anti-biotic for external use to boost the healing process. It has got many application in Industrial as well domestic.

Formula: KAl(SO₄)₂·12H₂O

> Does fitkari clean water ?

The easiest way to get rid of impurities in water is by making use of fitkari or alum. This doesn’t need any electricity or gas connection.

> Does alum remove hardness of water ?

The alum and iron salts, which are most widely used for drinking water treatment can remove calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and other polyvalent metallic cations that contribute to hardness of water. Potash alum is used during the rainy season as most of the potable water sources become turbid and contaminated.

> How much alum do I put in my water ?

Make an alum solution by adding 7.5 grams of alum to one liter of tap water. Then prepare three or four cups with turbid soil solution. Add different amounts of the alum solution to each of the cups (for example zero, one, three and five milliliters) and stir all of them for two minutes.

> Can I put alum in water tank ?

Alum is generally used in water tanks to settle down solid impurities.

What are the 4 steps of water treatment?

– Coagulation: Coagulation is often the first step in water treatment.

– Flocculation: Flocculation follows the coagulation step.

– Sedimentation: Sedimentation is one of the steps water treatment plants use to separate out solids from the water.

– Filtration.

– Disinfection.

> Can we drink alum water daily ?

Is Alum safe to use? Yes, Alum is safe to use externally and internally. In Ayurveda, Alum is used in the form of Bhasma named Sphatika bhasma which can be taken orally to manage various diseases.

> Is Fitkari good for skin ?

Alum, also known as phitkari or fitkari, has excellent skin-lightening properties that can help fade dark spots and acne scars. It improves texture and evens out fine lines while reducing blemishes.

> Can I use alum daily on face ?

Washing the face daily with alum water can help in curing all these problems. Alum is rich in medicinal properties and hence is used in many home remedies.

> Can Fitkari be eaten ?

Alum (fitkari) benefits. Though alum is considered to be safe as a food additive, it is not recommended that you consume alum in any form. Topical application or mouthwashes made from alum are commonly used to prevent oral and skin problems.


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