About Us

Serving community through science

The story of the company is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business. Mega is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on essentials for LIFE: Living, Industry and Farm Essentials. Sustainability as a practice is at the core of all of Chemicals’ activities, including our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and is intricately woven into all our business functions. Our vision is to be a leader in corporate sustainability, focusing on all three elements of ‘people, planet and profits’.

We bring innovation and excellence to the delivering superior value through extraordinary and imaginative spaces created out of deep customer focus and insight.

Our Vision

To be a leading customer-focused global chemicals business that delivers best-in-class products and specialty solutions using safe, sustainable and innovative processes.

Our Values

Integrity : Honesty is everything.
Commitment: Deliver on promise.
Passion: Energized action.
Seamlessness: boundryless in letter and spirit.
Speed: One step ahead.

Our Support

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Our Objectives

  1. By expanding growth areas and strengthening our cost competitiveness, we will work towards achieving goals.
  2. With our proven technological capabilities and our flexible ingenuity, we will create a framework for increasing productivity by effective investment into facilities.
  3. From a customer perspective, we will strive to enhance our competitiveness in international markets by combining our proprietary technologies with market strategies.
  4. We will promote compliance management that is aware of corporate responsibility in line with our company’s fundamental Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
  5. Based on the relationship of mutual trust between management and labor, we will create an organizational framework that can flexibly adapt to changes in the business environment and we will strive for happy employees and dynamic workplaces through sound business practices.