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Non Ferric Alum is a purer form of aluminum sulphate. It is used in better grades of paper for loading and sizing purposes. Non Ferric Alum is manufactured from aluminium trihydrate whereas ferric alum uses bauxite as the raw material.

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Aluminum sulfate, also known as non-ferric alum, is a chemical substance with the formula Al2(SO4)3. There are many applications for this white, crystalline solid in industry and water purification. It is soluble in water.

As a coagulant, it is used to remove impurities and suspended particles from water by causing them to clump together and settle out. This is one of its main uses. As a result, the water is clearer and safer to consume or use in factories.

Chemical Nepal is one of the businesses in Nepal that sells non-ferric alum. A private business called Chemical Nepal produces a variety of chemicals and fertilizer products for the industrial, water treatment, and agricultural markets.

In order to increase the strength and caliber of the paper, it is also used in the manufacturing of paper. It is added to the fiber during this process. Additionally, it serves as a waterproofing agent in the building industry and fixes dyes in the textile industry.

It is an all-purpose chemical that is frequently used and has a broad range of significant industrial uses.

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