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AOS is free of skin irritants and sensitizers, and it biodegrades rapidly.

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Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS) Liquid
AOS is free of skin irritants and sensitizers, and it biodegrades rapidly. It is used in high-quality shampoos, light-duty liquid detergents, bubble baths, and heavy-duty liquid and powder detergents. It is also used in emulsion polymerization. AOS blends are frequently used in liquid hand soaps.

Appearance : Clear Pale Yellow Liquid
Active matter % (AD) : 38 +/-1
Colour Klett (5% aqueous solution) : 80 max
Free Alkali % (as NaOH) : 0.4 max
Sodium Sulphate % : 2.0 max
Sodium Chloride % : 2.0 max
NDOM % (100% basis) : 4.0 max

Applications: Detergent, Textile, Soaps, Oil Field Chemicals, Shampoo, Pesticide

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Weight 220 kg
1 Unit

50 KG.


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