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Aluminum chlorohydrate is a group of specific aluminum salts having the general formula AlₙCl₍₃ₙ₋ₘ₎ₘ


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Polyaluminium is a group of aluminum salts that are used as coagulants in water purification procedures. It is also referred to as polyaluminum or polyaluminum chloride. It is a complicated polymer made up of a number of aluminum atoms as well as hydroxide groups.

In urban and commercial settings, It is frequently used to treat water because it can aid in removing impurities like suspended particles, bacteria, and organic compounds. It functions by creating flocs, or clumps of particles, which are quickly and easily removed from the water.

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Due to its milder effect on pH levels and reduced production of sludge, It is favored over other coagulants like aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride. Additionally, it is more efficient at removing some water impurities like pigment and turbidity.

Depending on the purpose, polyaluminum comes in a variety of shapes and concentrations. In a dosing system, it is usually added and thoroughly mixed with the water to ensure even distribution.

While using it for water treatment is usually regarded as safe, it is crucial to follow the right dosage and handling instructions to prevent over- or under-dosing. Underdosing can lead to insufficient water treatment and diminished water quality, while overdosing can produce too much sludge and raise running costs.

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