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Poly aluminium Chloride is an acidic solution. Classified as corrosive at higher concentrations, it is typically yellow in colour. It is miscible with water at all concentrations although dilute solutions hydrolyse to precipitate Aluminium Hydroxide (Al(OH)3).

Polyaluminium Chloride is not a single product, but a spectrum of polymers which are characterised by their strength (usually in % Al2O3) and basicity – the latter gives an indication of the polymeric composition of PAC.


Poly aluminium chloride powder price Wide Applied For –Water Treatment -Paper Industry-Drinking Water etc. High Purity-Industrial-Drinking Water Grade Polyaluminum Chloride Supply.

Formula: Aln(OH)mCl3nm

What is Poly Aluminum Chloride used for?

Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) is one of the most efficient water treatment chemicals utilized today. It is widely used in both potable water and wastewater treatment because it provides high coagulation efficiency and it has the widest pH and temperature

application ranges compared to other water treatment chemicals.

What is Poly Aluminum Chloride?

(PAC) Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC is a high purity product with high aluminum content. AluPAC is produced according to EN 883 (Chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption). AluPAC neutralizes the colloidal charge whereby compact flocks are formed.

What is PAC for water treatment?

Polyaluminium Chloride is an extremely useful chemical. It is a water chemical most popularly used for water treatment. Other uses are: PAC is widely used in the treatment of drinking water because of its high antibacterial effects.

Is PAC better than Alum?

PACl proved to be a more efficient coagulant than alum, as lower dosages of PACl, about 1.35 mg Al/L in this case, resulted to the production of treated water with low turbidity and residual aluminium content.

Why is PAC used in Paper Industry?

To increase fibre and filler retention, aluminium salts, sodium aluminate (SAL) and poly aluminium chloride (PAC) are used. Aluminium salts enhance the effect of other process chemicals (for example, poly-electrolytes) and remove unwanted anionic trash.


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