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We are engaged in offering a quality approved range of Crystal/Slab Ferric Alum .

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Ferric alum is a form of alum that is frequently employed as a coagulant in the treatment and purification of water. Iron (Fe) and aluminum (Al) ions are present in the chemical substance FeAl(SO4)2.

Water impurities and suspended particulates are drawn to and clumped together by ferric alum, which then causes them to sink to the bottom where they can be removed. Coagulation is a crucial step in the water treatment process that removes impurities and ensures that the water is safe to consume.

It is used in the paper business as a sizing agent to increase the strength and caliber of paper in addition to water treatment. Additionally, it serves as a mordant in the dyeing of fabrics as well as the manufacture of numerous other chemicals.

Chemical Nepal is one of the businesses in Nepal that manufactures ferric allum. For a variety of sectors and uses, Chemical Nepal is a top producer and supplier of different chemicals, including ferric allum.

Overall, it is a significant chemical with numerous commercial uses, particularly in the treatment and purification of water. It successfully gets rid of impurities and guarantees both household and industrial users of safe, clean water.

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