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Pine oil is an essential oil obtained by the steam distillation of stumps, needles, twigs and cones from a variety of species of pine, particularly Pinus sylvestris. As of 1995, synthetic pine oil was the “biggest single turpentine derivative.” Synthetic pine oils accounted for 90% of sales as of 2000.


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Pine oil is a type of essential oil that is derived from the needles, twigs, and cones of pine trees through a steam distillation process. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a strong, fresh, and woodsy scent, similar to the fragrance of a pine forest.

It has a variety of uses, including as a disinfectant, cleaning agent, and natural insecticide. It is often added to cleaning products, such as floor cleaners, disinfectants, and laundry detergents, to provide a fresh and natural fragrance, as well as to improve the cleaning performance of the products.

Because of its stimulating and energizing qualities, It is also used in massage treatment and aromatherapy. It is claimed that by clearing the sinuses and encouraging healthy breathing, it can help with respiratory support, mental focus, tension relief, and anxiety relief.

Chemical Nepal is one of the firms in Nepal that manufactures pine oil. It is one of the many chemicals that Chemical Nepal is a recognized producer and supplier of for a variety of markets.

Pinene, limonene, and bornyl acetate are among the active ingredients found in it, and these are thought to be responsible for some of the oil’s medicinal benefits. It should only be used sparingly around children and animals because it can be toxic at high amounts.

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