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We provide superlative Sodium Sulphate (G-Salt) packaged in safe containments for your immediate use. The Sodium Sulphate that we provide is fine in texture with no lumps and easily soluble in water making your work hassle free at all times. Keeping the current market standards in view, we have fixed reasonable rates for the same.

Formula: Na2SO4


  • Chemically Sodium sulfate is mostly unreactive at normal temperatures
  • Complex equilibrium, depending on concentration and temperature, with other acid salts being present
  • Sodium sulfate is basically a typical ionic sulfate as it contains Na+ ions and SO42− ions. When combined with water it can produce precipitates and if combined with salts of Ba2+ or Pb2+, it forms insoluble sulfates
  • Sodium sulfate is known to react with the same amount of sulphuric acid to give a balanced concentration of the acid salt sodium bi-sulphate
  • Sodium sulfate has unusual solubility properties in water as the solubility differs depending upon the temperature range
  • Sodium sulfate decahydrate has a residual entropy of 6.32 J·K-1·mol-1
  • Fair tendency to form double salts


  1. Wood Pulp Industry
  2. Thermal storage
  3. Glass Industry
  4. Educational institutions
  5. Textile Industry
  6. Chemical Industry
  7. Detergent Industry
  • What type of salt is Sodium Sulphate?

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Sodium Sulfate is an inorganic sodium salt.

  • What is Sodium Sulfate in food?

Sodium Sulfite is an odorless, solid white powder with a salty sulfurous taste that is soluble in water. It is primarily used as a food preservative (e.g., to prevent dried fruit from discoloring) and as an antioxidant.

  • What is Sodium Sulphate made of?

Sodium sulfate is defined as the sodium salt of sulfuric acid. Anhydrous sulfate can be described as a white crystalline solid, which is also called mineral thenardite, whereas, the decahydrate Na2SO4. 10H2O has been called either mirabilis or Glauber’s salt.

  • What is Sodium Sulfate in shampoo?

Sodium Sulfate is a surfactant, or surface active agent, and it reduces surface tension between two particles, helping the shampoo clean more effectively. Its chemical structure has one end that is hydrophilic, and attracted to water, and the other is hydrophobic, and attaches to oil, dirt, and more.

  • Why is Sodium Sulfate in detergent?

Why is sodium sulphite added to laundry and dish-washing detergents? Sodium sulphite is not added for cleaning purposes, at least not as far as the laundry is concerned. It is added to protect the washing machine or dishwasher from corrosion. Iron reacts with oxygen to form ferric oxide which is better known as rust.


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