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Distilled water is water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or near the boiling point of water remain in the original container.


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Water that has been cleaned by distillation is referred to as distilled water. Distillation is a process that creates a pure liquid by heating a mixture of liquids to the point of vaporization, gathering the vapor, and condensing it.

When regular tap water is heated to the point of vaporization and the ensuing steam is collected and cooled, it condenses back into a liquid, creating distilled water. Distillation removes minerals and impurities that may have been present in the initial water supply, leaving behind a pure and clear liquid.

In addition to being devoid of minerals, salts, and other contaminants that may be present in tap water, It has a pH that is neutral. It is frequently used in scientific research, medical treatments, and industrial operations where purity is crucial. In order to avoid mineral deposits building up, it is frequently used in home equipment like humidifiers and steam irons.

Chemical Nepal is one of the businesses that manufactures distilled water in Nepal. It is one of the many chemicals that Chemical Nepal is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of for a variety of industries and uses.

It is important to note that since distilled water lacks minerals, it is not recommended to consume it frequently because doing so could result in mineral deficiencies in the body. In reality, many medical professionals advise consuming mineral-rich water to stay healthy.

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