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Cleaning and disinfectant products like black phenyle are frequently used in residential and business settings. It is a chemical that is created by mixing phenol, water, and additional cleaning chemicals.

Black phenyle gets its name from the phenol that gives it its dark hue. Strong deodorizer phenol is useful against a variety of bacteria and viruses.

In settings where cleanliness is essential, like hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions, It is frequently used. For general cleaning and disinfection purposes, it is also used in homes and business buildings.

Chemical Nepal is one of the businesses in Nepal that manufactures Black Phenyle. It is one of the many compounds that Chemical Nepal produces and exports.

It is applied to the area to be cleaned after being diluted with water. Stains and dirt are effectively removed, and surfaces are left spotless and sterile.

However, some individuals may find the smell of black phenyle offensive due to its potent and distinctive aroma. It should be handled carefully because it can be dangerous if swallowed or breathed in large doses.

In general, It is a popular cleaning and disinfectant substance in Nepal and other nations. It is an effective instrument for upholding cleanliness and hygienic conditions in residential and commercial settings, but it should be used with caution and in accordance with safety regulations.

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