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VISTA WPT (Milky Phenyl Thickener) can be dilited to 15-20 times with water. We offer aroma milky white phenyl floor cleaner THICKENER which isefficient disinfectants cum perfumed cleaner. It gives extrastrong long lasting freshness. It Keeps away flies & mosquitoes.

To dilute a solution 1:40, you will use 39 liters of water and 1 liter of the concentrated solution. If you don’t need to make 40 liters worth of diluted white phenyl, you can always do less. Add 1 liter of concentrated white phenyl to the water.

Direction for use:
  1. add 15 ml. Captain black cleaning fluid in to bucket full of water 5 liters.
  2. stir well a stick to made the solution ready for use.
  3. specially formulated to clean tiles, marble & granite.
  4. shake well before use.
  5. ideal cleaner for floor, washbasin etc.

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Weight 50 kg


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